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Results from the Fourth Annual Buster's Cup

posted Feb 24, 2015, 5:34 AM by Belowthe YellowBand   [ updated Feb 24, 2015, 6:01 PM ]
We had 10 BADGrs compete in what turned out to be a great day. It started out a little rough with the Tees being slick but by afternoon they were in good shape. Burlington was represented well.

1st Place: Jason Scott
3rd Place: Ross Davis

1st Place: Lester Scott
2nd Place: Jacob Wade

As you may have seen, the tourney included an Ace by our Club President. It was for $471 which he graciously donated $100 back to the charity.

Full Results below the video

BADG Club President Mike Avillion's Ace

Jason Scott. 54/58=112 BADGR
Chris Courtwright. 55/61=116
Ross Davis. 55/68=123 BADGR
Drew Smith. 61/63=124 BADGR
Cody Bonarenko. 57/69=126 BADGR
Chris Keen. 59/67=126
Will Joyner. 63/68=131
Will Reiser. 60/DNF

Lester Scott. 58/63=121 BADGR
Jacob Wade. 60/65=125 BADGR
Dan Nonte. 57/70=127
William Rinehart. 62/68=130
Daniel Sutton. 65/66=131
Tim Abernathy. 60/72=132
Roach. 64/68=132
Ryan Eman. 66/68=134
Mike Avillion. 66/70=136 BADGR
Trea Hinley. 75/65=140 BADGR
Tracy Greeson. 69/73=142
Jake Dunson. 69/74=143 BADGR
Matt Barney. 62/DNF BADGR

Sam Sykes. 62/72=134
James Evans. 63/73=136
Thomas Brisbane. 67/72=139
Daniel Sykes. 69/70=139
Justin Keates. 71/71=142
Eric Boden. 68/76=144
Frankie Turner. 69/78=147
Becky Trojan. 75/83=158
Scott Antonecchia. 76/85=161
Moondog Maness. 67/DNF
Chris Crawford. 78/DNF