Week 7 Doubles Recap

posted Jun 15, 2017, 6:49 PM by Belowthe YellowBand

    We had another good week with 16 people coming out. We played all longs. There was a tie for 3rd place at 45 (-10). After flipping for the money, Ben Redding and Daniel Sykes called it correctly earning $7 each. Finishing in 2nd was Jake McCoy and Bain Heffner, who made his Summer Doubles debut tonight, shooting 44 (-11) taking home $13 each. Winning Week 7 was the team of Jason Scott and Chris "Deuce" Norris, who also made his Summer Doubles debut. They finished their round with 4 straight birdies to shoot 41 (-14). They took home $20 each. Great round guys.
    We had the CTP Bag of Bucks on Hole 4 which Collin grabbed for himself to earn a sweet $16.
No Aces this week. The ace pool is at $54.

    Next week we will be back to the field for 2 straight weeks, full results from tonight below.

Season recap:
    Jake extended his lead to 11 over Danny. Dave now only has a 11 point lead on 4th place Jacob. Collin cracks the top 5 with his CTP points tonight. We've had 43 different players attend, keep spreading the word!!

Jason/Chris - 41
Jake/Bain - 44
Daniel/Ben - 45
Jacob/Dakota - 45
Stephen/Ben A - 48
Dave/Bobby - 49
Danny/Mitchell - 50
Sam/Collin - 53

Week 6 Doubles Recap

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We had 18 people for week 6 of doubles. It felt like spring, with the nice cool weather but that didn't stop some from shooting hot. We played Odd short, Even long. There was a 3 way tie for 3rd place at 43 (-12). After flipping to see who would take the money, Jeff secure the $10 each for himself and Lance. Finishing 2nd was Alex making his Summer Doubles debut and Jake, who shot a 42 (-13) earning $15 a piece. Winning this week was the team of Gregg Wells, who also made his Summer Doubles debut and Danny Riggleman who is the current #1 tag holder. After having a Bogey on their first hole, Hole 1, they rattled off 16 straight birdies to finish 40 (-15). They took home $20 each. Great round guys.
    We had multiple CTPs for Week 6, Carter grabbed the Bag of Bucks on 8 to nab $18 for himself. The Prodigy CTPs courtesy of Lance Brown were on Hole 1, 10, 12, and 16. Collin, Derrick, Carter, and Jake.

No Aces this week. The ace pool is at $36.

    Next week we are back to the field, full results from tonight below.

Season recap:
    Jake takes the lead by 1 narrowly over Danny. Dave still has a 12 point lead on 4th place but things are getting tight after that. Jeff, Collin and Dodson are all close in 6th, 7th and 8th. We've had 40 different players attend, spread the word!!

Danny/Gregg - 40
Jake/Alex - 42
Lance/Jeff - 43
Mike/Todd - 43
Dodson/Collin - 43
Carter/Trey - 44
Sam/Derrick - 48
Jacob/Bobby - 50
Eric/Zach - 53

Week 5 Doubles Recap

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    We had 19 people for week 5 of doubles, and there was perfect weather for June. Finishing in 3rd after a throw off was Dave and Collin shooting a 46 (-10) taking home $12.50 a piece. Winning the throw off to finish 2nd was PattyO and Todd, who shot a 46 (-10) as well, took home $15 a piece. Winning this week was Jake McCoy and Jeffrey Giles. They shot a 45 (-11) and took home $20 a piece. 
    The ctp was on Hole 12 and thanks to a well placed roller BJ Reel grabbed the Bag of Bucks for $19. 

No Aces this week. The ace pool is at $19.

    Next week we are back in the woods, full results from tonight below.

Season recap:
    Jake has joined Danny with two wins this year. It makes two straight for him after taking Week 4 off. He is now only 4 pts behind Dave and 4 pts ahead of 3rd place Danny. Brad has moved into the top five just 12 pts off of the lead. With Jeffrey's first cash this week, it has put him in the top ten at 20 pts. We've had 37 different players attend, spread the word. I'll add more CTPs as we continue to grow the field.

Jake/Jeff - 45
PattyO/Todd - 46
Dave/Collin - 46
Mitchell/Brad - 46
Danny - 47
BJ/Cody - 48
Mike/Jacob - 50
Dustin/Stephen - 52
Eric/Bobby - 52
Sam/Brandon - 55

Week 4 Doubles recap

posted May 25, 2017, 7:19 PM by Belowthe YellowBand

    We had 13 people for week 4 of doubles. Another week of nice weather and we played the longs in the woods. Finishing in second was Trea Hinely and James Hopkins shooting a 46 (-9) taking home $13 a piece. Winning this week was Dustin Dodson and Danny Riggleman. They shot a 44 (-11) and took home $20 a piece. 
    The ctp was on Hole 10 and rather than just putting his disc underneath it Trea decided to just Ace it. Congrats on the Ace Trea!! The ace pool was at $53 and with the ctp being $13 Trea cashed in on Hole 10 for the sum of $66. 

    Next week we are back in the field, full results from tonight below.

Season recap:
    Danny is the first to grab two wins this year. He is now only 2 pts behind Dave. Trea's Ace/CTP/Cash combo of 23 pts shot him into 3rd place, 8 pts off the lead. James has had back to back cashes, which has put him in 4th, with Eric and Jacob tied for 5th. 

Danny/Dustin - 44
Trea/James - 46
Sam/Daniel - 48
Jacob/Bobby -49
Jason/Collin - 50
Derrick/Stephen - 51
Dakota - 52

Week 3 Doubles Results

posted May 19, 2017, 5:21 AM by Belowthe YellowBand   [ updated May 19, 2017, 5:22 AM ]

20 made it out this week, making it the largest week so far. Beautiful weather, and we played the m13 tees with the baskets in the shorts for a par of 56.

There were 2 CTPs tonight thanks to Ross and Deep Creek Dreams. Getting the Bag of Bucks on Hole 2 was Zach Lorenz and getting the Deep Creek coozie on Hole 13 was Deez.

We had a tie for 2nd with Lance Brown/Ross Davis and Dave Redding/James Hopkins both shooting a 42 (-14). Winning week 3 was the father and son combo Brad McCoy/Jake McCoy shooting a 40 (-16). Congrats everyone!! Full results below.

No aces this week so the pool is up to $40. Next week Wellspring Longs. See you there!! 

Championship Update:

Point standings here Dave has jumped out to an early 10 point lead after following up his win with a cash. we've had 29 players so far this year. Remember the bigger the field the more points you can earn, so bring everyone you know.

Brad/Jake - 40
Lance/Ross - 42
Dave/James - 42
Eric/Trey - 43
PattyO/Ben - 45
Deez/Sam - 47
Jacob/Collin - 47
Zach/Steven - 48
Mike/Jeff - 49
Derrick/ZacKM - 51

2017 BADGC USDGC Doubles Qualifier Recap

posted May 6, 2017, 4:23 PM by Belowthe YellowBand

    Thank you to all that participated in our first doubles tournament. We had 40 teams come out to compete for the 3 USDGC Qualifier spots. While mother nature had it slightly on the cool side to start for May in NC, it turned out to be a rather nice spring day even with the ever present Cedarock wind. First I need to thank a few people for their help both today and leading up the event. Shout outs to Jason Scott, Jon Owens, Mike Avillion, Collin Murphy, BJ Reel and James Karas. You all know how you helped and it was much appreciated.
    We had 1 ace today and that belonged to Nathan Hooks from Team Backyard Disc Golf. He aced Hole 14 in the open to take home $104!!

    Now for the three that earned their way into the USDGC Doubles. Finishing in 3rd three strokes ahead of the 4th place team, shooting an 87 (-24), was Backyard Disc Golf consisting of David Folk and Nathan Hooks. Coming in 2nd, shooting an 86 (-25), tying the Team Putt Pirates for the low Wellspring round with a 41 (-14), was Team Numero Uno consisting of Justin Moran and Taylor Schiess. Finally the team to win it all shooting an impressive 26 under par and posting the low Cedarock round of 41, was Team Ace Holes that consisted of Andrew Atwood and Julian Britt. Way to go you guys!!!

Remember we have Random Doubles every Thursday evening teeing at 6, alternating between Cedarock and Wellspring. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on all of our events.

Full Results:

2017 USDGC Results

Week 1 Doubles in the books

posted May 4, 2017, 6:27 PM by Belowthe YellowBand

Week 1 of Doubles is in the books. We had 6 brave the threat of rain. Fortunately for us we only had a few drops. To keep things fun and quick we played the shorts Par 54. Getting the CTP on Hole 10 was Dave Redding winning $6. Bringing home the win in the opening week was Jacob Wade and Danny Riggleman shooting a 40 (-14) earning $15 a piece. No Aces so the pool grows to $6. Next week we are in the woods and will play a mix of short and longs. 

Point Standings found here

Full Results:

Danny/Jacob Wade - 40
Dave/Brandon - 44
Collin/Todd - 47

BADG USDGC Doubles Qualifier

posted Feb 20, 2017, 3:31 PM by Belowthe YellowBand   [ updated Apr 29, 2017, 3:42 PM ]

The BADG USDGC Doubles Qualifier presented by Burlington Area Disc Golf will be held at Cedarock Park in Burlington NC on May 6th. It is a BYOP, (bring your own partner) fun-filled, captain's choice (best-shot), 1 round Figure 8 Longs (36 Holes). Check in by 9:00 am. Tee off at 9:30 am. Tournament Central will be at the gazebo by Hole 1 in the field. $40 per team. Amateur only.

Each player will receive a premium custom stamped USDGC Doubles disc from INNOVA.
Top Am team will receive special trophy bag tags and will be eligible to register for the 
2017 USDGC Doubles Main Event!Eligibility:

1) All players must meet one of the following criteria in order to be eligible to compete in the USDGC Doubles Main event:

a) Player is not a PDGA member or does not have a player rating.

b) Player has PDGA Amateur class status - meaning the player plays in Amateur divisions for prizes instead of cash. If a player plays in a Pro division and accept cash at any time, they become a Professional class member.  An Amateur class player has either never accepted cash, or if they have, they have later met the criteria to be reclassified from Professional back to Amateur.

2) Mixed groups of pro and am class players is not allowed.

3) Players who qualify as a team must play together as a team in the main event. No substitutions

Glow League Update

posted Nov 29, 2016, 5:21 AM by Belowthe YellowBand

Now that we are past the halfway point, I thought I'd give an update. After six weeks we have 3 people qualified. Zack is sitting in the drivers seat with 226. Mike is at a close 234 with a couple of rounds to improve upon. In third Jacob is a bit behind at 244. We have 2 who can qualify this week and a handful of others still in the hunt. Remember its your best 5 rounds so a lot can shake up over the next few weeks.

SPC Open II Sign Up Today!!!

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