Summer Doubles Week 4

posted May 25, 2018, 5:05 AM by Belowthe YellowBand

Once again we were blessed with nice weather. We played Wellspring Odds short Even long. 10 golfers came out this week. Winning this week was Mike and Jake shooting a 42 (-13) and earning themselves $25 each. Taking home the ctp this week was Stephen on Hole 8. No Aces so the pool grows to $33. Back to the field next week. Layout will be determined by a member vote on Facebook. See you there.

Full Results
Mike/Jake - 42
Danny/Zack - 43
Dave/Stephen - 45
Deez/Collin - 45
Jacob/Eric - 46

Summer Doubles Week 3

posted May 18, 2018, 5:01 AM by Belowthe YellowBand   [ updated May 18, 2018, 5:03 AM ]

We had 8 players that weren't afraid of possible rain. We played the Blues of Cedarock as voted by BADGers. Zack got the BADGer only CTP, while Blue in his first appearance took home the bag of bucks. It was a tight battle as only 4 strokes separated the teams. Winning Week 3 was the team of Collin and Danny with a 48 (-12) to earn themselves $20 a piece. No Aces this week so the pool grows to $23. Next week back to the woods.

Point standings can be found at

Full Results:
Danny/Collin - 48
Jacob/Zack - 49
Dave/Eric - 50
Brian/Blue - 51

Summer Doubles Week 1

posted May 3, 2018, 6:39 PM by Belowthe YellowBand

First week of Summer Doubles is complete. We had 10 show up to kick the season off. With only 10 we pay out just the winner. We played all whites in the field. Winning Week 1 was the team of Collin and Jacob. They shot a 44 (-14) to earn themselves $25 a piece. Getting the Bag of Bucks was Zilla taking home $10. Dave won the BADGer only CTP with was a SE innova disc. No Ace this week so its up to $10.
Next week to Wellspring we go. See you there.

Full Standings
Collin/Jacob - 44
Danny/Dave - 45
Jake/Trea - 45
Zilla/Dees - 46
Dodson/Mike - 47

First Tag Match completed!!

posted May 3, 2018, 5:03 AM by Belowthe YellowBand

Tuesday evening the first singles event was completed. We had 15 come out and all purchased a numbered tag!! Danny Riggleman will be running Singles all Summer long. Follow our page to get details for each weeks layout. We paid out 5 spots. There was a 3 way tie for 3rd and after a throw off finishing 5th was Danny Riggleman earning $5, 4th was Justin Jablonski earning $10, and 3rd was Brad Smith earning $15. They all finished with a 48 -10. Finishing 2nd was Zach Lorenz with a 47 -11 winning himself $20. Taking home the #1 and $25 was Bobby Recher with a hot 44 -14. Great job BADGers!! No Aces so the pool is at $15.

Full Standings

Bobby R - 44
Zach L - 47
Brad S - 48
Justin J - 48
Dsnny R - 48
Dave R - 50
Jacob W - 52
Brian - 53
Mike A - 55
Andre W - 56
Gregg W - 56
Collin M - 57
Jake D - 59
Jason R - 60
Brandon M - 62

New Tags coming next week!!

posted Apr 6, 2018, 5:40 AM by Belowthe YellowBand   [ updated Apr 6, 2018, 5:44 AM ]

New tags will be here next week. Along with the new tags comes some changes to the rules. We now have 2 types of tags, Competition and Sponsor. Sponsor tags cost only $10. You still get all the same benefits but you don't have to worry about being challenged. The Competition tags are numbered. They cost $15 and you will be expected to defend against or challenge others. This year I am also going to special challenges and rewards for all tag holders. This is the year you want to be a BADGer!!

3rd Annual BADGer Ice Bowl

posted Feb 12, 2018, 4:00 PM by Belowthe YellowBand


2017 Season Finale recap

posted Aug 31, 2017, 7:05 PM by Belowthe YellowBand

    First of all let me say thank you to everyone who played this year. You guys make it worth doing. I hope to see everyone next year!! Now onto the final weeks action.

    Week 18 being the final week and per tradition was BYOP in the woods of Wellspring. We played all shorts. Even with the threat of rain 17 made it out. After 18 holes we had a tie for 3rd. The teams of Sam and Daniel, Brian and Steven shot 43's (-12) to take home some cash. Finishing 2nd was Jason and Lester with their 41 (-14) to earn $13 a piece. Winning this week, the original Summer Dubs Champion himself Dave Redding with his partner Blue shot a 40 (-15) to earn $20 each.

    We had 4 ctps tonight. Hole 2 was snagged by Brian to win a BADG decal. Hole 5 was grabbed by Jim to win a sweet jumpman wizard. Hole 8 Jason parked after the near ace to earn a Gateway Speed Demon. The bag of bucks was on Hole 14 which Brian also got to earn $17.

    It wouldn't be a summer dubs finale without at least one ace. During my round, I watched Jason nearly get Hole 8 by throwing the skinny gap, then the man himself Bobby Stocks hit back to back baskets on 9 and 10. But alas only one person was skilled enough to get one to stay. Brian Webb who's name you'll be sure to hear a lot in BADG next year aced hole 12 to win $103!!! He also set a new points record with his one night total of 26 points!! Way to go!! Full results at the bottom.

    Season Recap

    While Dave did nearly as much as one could in the final week but he could not pull off the upset. His win moved him within 1 of Jake McCoy to finish in 3rd. Jacob finished 4th on the year and Jason jumped BJ to round out the top 5. Your winner of the 2017 Summer Dubz Points series is none other than the Number 1 tag holder himself Danny Riggleman. Congrats Danny!! He makes the 3rd different winner in 3 years and gets the mug trophy this year. He grabbed 8 wins out of 16 weeks of play on his way to victory.

    Season Stats

    We had 58 different players this year. Nobody had perfect attendance not even me lol.
Most Wins = Danny Riggleman - 8
Most Cashes = (including wins) -  Dave Redding - 10
Most CTPs = Collin Murphy - 4
Most Points in a night = Brian Webb - 26
Aces = Trea Hinely - Hole 10 Wellspring, Jake McCoy - Hole 15 Cedarock, Brian Webb - Hole 12 Wellspring

Full results

Dave/Blue - 40
Jason/Lester - 41
Brian/Stephen - 43
Sam/Daniel - 43
Jacob/Danny - 44
Deuce/Gregg - 45
BJ/Trea - 47
Jim/Josh - 47
Bobby Stocks - 52

Week 17 recap

posted Aug 25, 2017, 5:50 AM by Belowthe YellowBand

We had 9 make it out to the last week in the field. Weather was perfect. We played Odd - white Even Blue for a par of 56. Dave got the CTP on 11 after an ace run. Jason and Blue took home the win with a 44 (-12). Good shooting guys.

No Aces so the pool going into the final week is $86.

Next week is the final week. It is BYOP, playing Wellspring Shorts! Find a partner and come out. If you don't have one come out anyway, you'll either be paired with someone else or if you're the odd man you can play as Cali.**Only if it is an odd number. 

Season recap:
Danny extends his lead to 12 on Jake. Dave inched closer 19 behind Jake. Jason jumped Collin to move into 6th. 

Full Results:
Jason/Blue - 44
James/Bobby - 45
Jacob/Danny - 47
Dave - 51
Collin/Deuce - 51

Week 16 results

posted Aug 23, 2017, 7:22 PM by Belowthe YellowBand

Danny - 43
Jake/Collin - 45
Dave/Bobby - 47
Jacob/Sam - 47
Jake/Dallas -49
Carlos/Zack - 51

Danny has a 10 point lead with two weeks left. Dave needs a win this week to stay in the running. Jake needs to gain some ground going into the final week. Come out and take part in the action.

Point standings have been updated!!

2017 Summer Dubz Points Series

Week 15 recap

posted Aug 11, 2017, 7:41 AM by Belowthe YellowBand

    Week 15 was in the field. We played all whites with a par of 56. Weather was about as perfect as could be. 9 showed up. We had a tie for 1st with 2 teams shooting 42 (-14). After a throw off from Hole 1 to Hole 13's basket Jacob and Danny took home the win and the money!!!
    Dave got the CTP on Hole 2.
No Aces this week, although Derrick came close on Hole 10 hitting the basket and making all the chains rattle. Ace pool up to $66.
    Back to the woods next week. Hope to see you all there!

Season recap:
With 3 weeks to go we have a new leader!! With Danny's win he moves into the lead 4 points ahead of Jake. Dave's ctp inches him ahead only 19 off the lead. Jacob jumps BJ back for 4th and Jason cracks the top 10, moving up to 9th.

Full results:

Danny/Jacob - 42
Jason/Derrick - 42
Dave/Sam - 43
Collin - 53
Jake/Bobby - 53

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