Meet our Board of Directors

Jacob Wade

PDGA #61695

With over a decade of experience in the world of disc golf, I have had the privilege of running more than 20 tournaments and organizing multiple leagues. As a founding member of the Burlington Area Disc Golf Club, I've been instrumental in fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts. My contributions extend to course design as well; I played a key role in the conceptualization and implementation of the Regulator at Rock Creek, situated in the scenic Cedarock Park.

Professionally, I serve as the Lead Computer Tech for the Career and Technical Education Department in our local school system. My role allows me to combine my passion for technology with the opportunity to shape the future of education, equipping students with the skills they need for success.

On the personal front, I am a proud parent of a one-year-old, with another bundle of joy on the way. The friendships and connections I've made through disc golf are not just fleeting encounters; they are lifelong bonds. I am honored to serve on this Board and contribute to a sport that has given me so much.

Danny Riggleman

PDGA #89266

With an impressive 30-year journey in the world of disc golf, my passion for the game was ignited from the very first throw with a Millennium JLS. As the years have passed, my love for the sport has only deepened, evolving from mere participation to actively contributing to its growth. Whether it's assisting newcomers or designing intricate courses, the joy I derive from disc golf continues to flourish.

Professionally, I've demonstrated a similar commitment, having been employed at the same organization for an astounding 23 years. This long-term dedication mirrors my approach to disc golf—consistent, enduring, and ever-enriching.

Jason Emburey

PDGA #145547

With a dynamic 5-year tenure in the world of disc golf, I am proud to be a member of the esteemed Prodigy Street Team. My involvement in the sport extends beyond just playing; I have had the honor of assisting as a Tournament Director in several tournaments this year, contributing to the seamless execution and success of these events.

Professionally, I am employed at Duke, where I leverage my skill set to make meaningful contributions to the disc golf community. My expertise has been particularly valuable having lent a hand in the installation and maintenance of both the Regulator and Chimney Hills courses.

My journey in disc golf is not just about personal achievement; it's about community, collaboration, and the joy of contributing to a sport that continues to captivate me.

Andy Reynolds

PDGA #47203

With over two decades of experience in the disc golf community, my journey has evolved from being a passionate player to a course designer and builder. I am currently in the final stages of installing the Chimney Hills Disc Golf Course for the city of Burlington—a project that has ignited a new passion for course design, with aspirations to contribute even more in the future.

A long-standing member of the Burlington Area Disc Golf (BADG) community since its inception, I also hold a lifetime membership at Deep Creek. My commitment to the sport is paralleled only by my professional life; for the past 8 years, I've worked as a Millwright, specializing in the welding and fabrication of custom machinery.

On the personal front, I am a devoted husband and father of two. When I'm not immersed in disc golf or my professional duties, you'll find me enjoying the great outdoors through camping, lighting up the sky with fireworks, or soaking in the vibes at live music events.

Dallas Suitt

PDGA #134618

With a solid 9 years of experience in the captivating realm of disc golf, I have honed my skills both on and off the course. My professional background as a Tech Support Representative at BL-Innovare has equipped me with a unique blend of technical acumen and problem-solving abilities, skills that I've found surprisingly useful in the world of disc golf.

From 2019 to 2023, I took the helm of Star Frame, a prominent disc golf organization. During my tenure, I successfully orchestrated a total of 17 tournaments, each one a testament to my commitment to elevating the sport and fostering a sense of community among players.

Xavier Preudhomme

PDGA #59818

My name is Xavier Preudhomme and I am a very active member of the local disc golf community. I have been playing disc golf as long as I can remember, as my dad would take my siblings and I to Beth Schmidt park as soon as some of us could walk.  I played a few tournaments here and there growing up, but it wouldn’t be until this year that I fully emerged myself into the disc golf scene. In 2023 I competed in 77 PDGA tournaments/ events, totaling over 130 sanctioned rounds this year. Despite living in Burlington all my life, 2023 was the first time participating with Burlington Area Disc Golf Club.  Upon the very first club day I found myself surrounded by amazing people and felt completely welcomed by the community. I am excited to join the Board for 2024 to bring new outlooks to the table and grow the sport through the community I am very proud to be a part of!

Bradley Dixon

PDGA #41074

I first threw a disc in 1997 at the age of 11 and my first impression of the sport was not a good one due to my inability to throw the discs very far. The following year, I went out with my uncle Brent Mabry to Cedarock Park and played my first true round on Wellspring with a DX Classic Cobra and a Chains Aviar. I was hooked. In 1999, I played my first tournaments with the Ace Club. Over the years, I became fond of random doubles events, and I played Ace Club random doubles and Deep Creek doubles from the early 2000s. I joined the PDGA in 2009 to try out singles competition which I had never been very interested in, by 2012, I had lost interest in singles play yet again, so it was back to casual play and doubles events for a few years. In 2015 I designed my own course in Mebane, Persimmon Hollar, and in 2017 I set out to take my disc golf experience to the next level and I opened Ace Run Disc Golf Shop with my now wife, Emily Mason. I began playing more competitively in 2018 and by 2020, I had won the NC State Championship in Intermediate, and I followed that win up in 2021 and 2022 in the Advanced division. I also won the Amateur World Putting Championships in 2022. Emily and I have two dogs, Nelson (19) and Lucy (6) and a baby on the way. You can find us at our store in Burlington or on our 85 acre mountain farm in Virginia where a course is currently being designed and cut in by both of us. Course design has become an interest of mine and I have designed or co-designed around 7 courses to date including Persimmon Hollar, Ironwood, Riverside Memories, Pleasant Grove, Wallace Farm, Sexton Shootout 2019, Union Ridge, and a few others which are not installed. I have run a weekly doubles league since 2017 and have run numerous PDGA singles leagues and a few PDGA tournaments. I would say that aside from my family and God, disc golf is my life. I am proud to serve the members of the Burlington Area Disc Golf Club as a charter board member.