Championship Finale Recap

Post date: Mar 8, 2015 6:22:23 PM

Our Glow Handicap League Championship was on Friday night. Here is a breakdown of the action.

We finally had a Friday that wasn't affected by winter weather. With a full moon, calm winds and a field of 17 you could almost forget it was winter. That is until your pants started to freeze (not kidding, actually happened to us).

This being the final week there were two battles being fought. Those that were out of contention or not qualified trying to take something home before the break, and those who needed to post a great round to take home a trophy. We will begin with the individual nights action. There were 11 competing in Intermediate. Coming in 3rd was Lester Scott shooting a 59, Second was BJ Reel with a 53 and Winning was Phil Sisouphanh scoring a 52. Next was the open field of 6. Finishing second was Bain Heffner with his 54 and Winning was Ronnie Huffman carding a 47.

Now on to what everyone wants to hear. In the championship, a lot was riding on the final night. One stroke could mean the difference between placing or going home empty handed. Coming in to the night there was one man who could control his own outcome. Tracey "Moon Dog" Maness needed to shoot a 67 or better and he would've clinched the win. However the night did not go his way. Carding a 77 he was still able to walk away with a trophy. The last place Toilet bowl. After BJ's 53 on the night it put him into a tie for 2nd place with Chris Norris. They had a throw off and Chris became our 2nd place finisher with BJ being our 3rd. A bigger story of the night was Phillip's 52 allowing him to steal the Championship away. Congrats to our Intermediate winners.

In Open it was far easier to predict the winner. With only 3 qualifying, the only uncertainty was second place. And as in last league they tied once again, Ryan Griffin and Zach Lorenz. Their battle ended with a throw off with Ryan getting 3rd and Zach 2nd. Another repeat of last year Ronnie Huffman winning our Open division once again. Congrats to our Open winners. Maybe more will move up next year to join you.

The only award left was the Most Improved medallion. It was a close one. Only winning by .4 was Jake Dunson, our Club VP. He improved by almost 3 strokes. He finished 4th in the championship. Good work on improving your game. 3 stokes in 9 weeks keep that up and we will have a new winner next league.

With an Ace Pool of $112, we had a throw off for half. Can anyone guess who won? It was a repeat of last league as well. Bain Heffner once again wins the throw off. The one person you do not want to play against for a throw off. He took home $56.