Week 12 Doubles Recap

Post date: Jul 23, 2017 5:11:39 PM

Quick Recap for week 12.

We had 9 make it out on a 96 degree day. We played all longs.

Winning Week 12 after a playoff was Jake McCoy and BJ Reel.

Getting the CTP on Hole 16 was Sam.

No Ace this week, we are up to $32.

Field next week.

Season Recap:

Jake improves his lead to 25 over Danny with his 6th win on the year. Dave's second straight tie moved him to within five of Danny and only 30 off of the lead. BJ's back to back wins moved him into 7th as he tries to crack the top five. Only 6 weeks left!!

Full results

Jake/BJ - 43

Dave - 43

Wade/Todd - 48

Jacob/Stephen - 49

Sam/Moon - 51