Week 17 recap

Post date: Aug 25, 2017 12:50:39 PM

We had 9 make it out to the last week in the field. Weather was perfect. We played Odd - white Even Blue for a par of 56. Dave got the CTP on 11 after an ace run. Jason and Blue took home the win with a 44 (-12). Good shooting guys.

No Aces so the pool going into the final week is $86.

Next week is the final week. It is BYOP, playing Wellspring Shorts! Find a partner and come out. If you don't have one come out anyway, you'll either be paired with someone else or if you're the odd man you can play as Cali.**Only if it is an odd number.

Season recap:

Danny extends his lead to 12 on Jake. Dave inched closer 19 behind Jake. Jason jumped Collin to move into 6th.

Full Results:

Jason/Blue - 44

James/Bobby - 45

Jacob/Danny - 47

Dave - 51

Collin/Deuce - 51